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Domain Name Whois Lookup

This is a tool for you to be able to get the contact information about the person or company that owns a specific domain name. The results will give you all the public information about the owner of the domain name. It will display Name, Address, Email, Phone, and the DNS Servers the Domain is pointing to. It will also give you some date information about the domain name such as when it first was registered, when it was last updated, and when it will expire if not renewed.

All the results of this tool comes from the main whois servers and it is all Public Information

You can check all the common gTLD's (Generic Top-Level Domain) such as .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, and .mil. We also are compatible with all the new TLD's (Top-Level Domain) that have been released in the last few years.

We currently can search more than 1500 TLD's. Such TLD's include but not limited to .name, .beauty, .club, .xyz, .top, .vip, .site, etc... You can see the Full List of all the TLD's avaiable for registration and the country it belong to. IANA's (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) site also keeps a Updated List you can see and search.