Email Source Analyzer

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Email Source Analyzer

The Email Source Analyzer tool allows you to extract and analyze the source code of an email to retrieve crucial details about its origin. By pasting the raw email source, you can identify the email's source IP address and gain detailed information such as the IP's hostname, ISP, organization, city, state, country, and local time.

Why It's Helpful:

  • Identifying Potential Threats: Quickly determine the origin of suspicious emails, helping you to identify and block potential phishing attempts, spam, or other malicious activities.
  • Tracing Email Sources: Understand the geographical location and organization behind an email, providing insights into the sender’s legitimacy.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Track down the source of problematic emails, aiding in forensic investigations and reporting incidents to the relevant authorities or ISPs.

By using this tool, you can enhance your email security measures, protect sensitive information, and maintain a higher level of privacy and data integrity.