Port Scanner

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Scan Ports

This utility will scan popular ports on the IP Address provided and give you results on if they are Open or Closed. You can also scan a website's server to see what ports they have open for you. All you need is to provide either the IP Address of the server or the Hostname or Domain Name.

It will scan 25 different ports and give you results on each one. We scan some of the more popular ports such as FTP, SSH, Telnet, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and Remote Desktop along with a few others.

You can use this to scan your current computer you are using and see if your home or office has any ports open that should not be. In most cases, a personal computer at home should not have any of these ports open unless you know what you are doing with them. If you are running Windows, you can use the Microsoft built-in Firewall to block the ports you don't want. On servers, it can be blocked with either a Firewall, Router, Cloud Based Firewall, or Software. It would depend on the type of server you are running and what operating system is installed on it.