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Check IP Address

This tool can help check and see if your IP Address or your Website IP Address is blacklisted on any of the major lists that keep track of malicious IP's. The IP's listed on the lists we check against have been generated by other users all over the internet. These lists are mostly maintained by security websites that help users fight malicious attacks on the internet. Some of the companys range from Spamcop, Sorbs, and Spamhaus.

We will list the source of the List and the Status of the IP Address checked. If the IP address is listed in the SBL, we will show a status of Blacklisted.

If you are using a VPN Service and would like to check the IP you are on, simply do a search on your IP address and we will show you the results for each list.

If you have a hostname or domain name but don't know the IP address, you can simply use our Reverse DNS Lookup or Website IP tool to figure out the IP address, then you can search it against the SBL Lists.