HTTP Headers Check

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Search HTTP Headers

This tool will show you the header of a website page that the server sends out. With this tool, you can determine what kind of server the website is using, what server software they are using and what the status of the page is that your browser receives. You can also see if any cookies are being set by the page and what kind of page caching they have in place.

  • Some Standard Status Codes
  • Standard response for a page that was loaded successfully. 200 OK
  • Tells the client that the page has moved and your request should redirect to the new url for all future requests. 301 Moved Permanently
  • The request was valid but the server is refusing your connection. You might not have premission to this page. 403 Forbidden
  • The requested page was not found on the server. 404 Not Found
  • Generic server error message. 500 Internal Server Error

More codes and their definitions can be found on the Wikipedia page.