How to Hide Your IP

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Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Hide Your IP

Your IP address is your digital fingerprint which reveals information like your location (including City, State and Zip Code), your internet service provider, what browser you are using, and much more information. Using a VPN service will help you hide your IP when you go online and your information will be private and secure. A VPN service will give you an anonymous IP and help you browse the web privately. VPN service will protect you from Hackers, Snoops, and companies following all your digital footsteps. VPN's are very easy to use and anyone can use a VPN. Please visit our VPN set up tutorials page to see videos on how to get a VPN and start using it asap.

Benefits of using a VPN Service to hide your IP

Public WIFI Security and Protection

The public WIFI connection is unsecured and it only takes a second to get hacked. You expose all your login details to your emails, credit cards, bank accounts, etc… Using a VPN can help you protect your data and keep your connection secure. If you travel all the time and you are using public WIFI’s in hotels, coffee shops, airports you definitely need to get a VPN. The benefits of a VPN for travelers are endless from encrypting your information to getting access to your favorite content without being restricted because you are overseas.

Unblock Content and Apps from all over the world!

Using a VPN will allow you to access content and websites from all over the world. Websites restrict user access by Geo filtering your IP and only allowing you to access content that is allowed for your country or region. VPN’s will also help you privately connect to your favorite social media sites at work, and music streaming apps. Apps restrict access to certain countries and regions and VPN services will help you connect and use apps. VPN software can help you access your content safely if you are travelling overseas.

Protect your info, Protect your privacy

Identity theft is on the rise and out of control. Protect yourself by using a private VPN that has your connection online encrypted so that none of your sensitive information can be compromised. VPN will give you anonymity from online hackers trying to steal your info and data. A VPN service can protect you from hackers, snoops, and other companies trying to monitor everything you do when you are online. Online privacy is your right and you have to protect it. You also have to protect your sensitive information including financial accounts, social security numbers and other pertinent data that can bring you financial disaster if your information fell in the wrong hands of a cyber criminal. The top VPN companies are huge advocates for online privacy. You can protect your privacy and encrypt your information on most devices including Windows, Macs, IPhones, IPADs, and Android devices.